So, we started with this cheap garage sale find desk. Seriously, don’t overlook the boring!

I painted her in Fusion Mineral Paint  Little Lamb, a soft gray with no undertones to it. I applied 2 coats with a roller and brush.

Next, I took a roll of gift wrapping paper that was under $4 from Walmart and used Fusions Decoupage & Transfer Gel to adhere it onto each drawer. I put it on the drawer surface first, the back of the paper and then layered a coat over the top. It was very humid the day I did this, so I wouldn’t recommend doing it in that weather! But I ended up letting it sit overnight to dry and then put another coat on top in the morning. Finally I sealed the drawer and edges with Fusion Matte Tough Coat.

The handles were old and dingy, so I used a Primer/Paint spray to paint them white. I would alway recommend a spray paint to spray knobs and handles. Go light and easy with each coat as too much spray will cause runs in the paint.

Finally, once my Decoupage gel was dry, I took some 120 grit sandpaper and sanding off the extra papers from the side and distressed the drawer edges. (You want to make sure it’s 100% dry before you sand).

And DONE! This project was a “Perfectly Imperfect” one, as I call them, but it fitted what I needed for the time being! I think she makes a great addition to my little studio! What do you think?



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