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Home is where you can just be yourself and release everything. It’s a place where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe. As much as the living room is the spot in your house where you can prop your tired feet up on your DIY, distressed coffee table and watch some drama series with a glass of wine in your hand, your bedroom can also be a relaxing and comforting boudoir. Check out these tips for DIY bedroom ideas where you can also learn how to mix the color or colors with the DIY and non-DIY props according to the mood that suits you best. You’ll start hibernating more in your bedroom than on that comfy living room couch.

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I’ve compiled a list of mood colors that will help you think about what colors to consider to achieve the mood of your preference. Since I’m a huge DIYer and believer of turning junk into gems, I’ve also included a list of a few props I’ve done that would be cute additions to your cozy room. Most importantly, try to get creative. Think about how YOU (and if you have a spouse – their feelings matter as well!) would like to feel when you step into your bedroom.

Find your color

What’s that color?

Color palettes are such interesting yet fun things! They are full of surprises because they decorate parties, houses, utensils, clothing, apparel, weddings, and the list goes on. Interestingly enough, it can define our mood. Have you ever tried reading the description of colors? I don’t mean the usual blue or red or yellow. Try searching on Google, “what is the color vermilion?” and you’ll be able to read a brief but well-described answer of a red color! Colors make our world beautiful!

As crazy as it may sound, the colors of your bedroom does reflect your personality. Colors affect us every day, whether we realize it or not. We live in color. Our bedroom color can affect the way we think and the way we feel. Everyone has a different color preference, although certain colors get similar reactions from most people. Variations come from color shades and tones, which is why you’d want to decorate with colors that you like best!

How do I figure out my color for my bedroom?

Don’t limit it to just ONE color. Try to mix colors and get a color combination. Nature isn’t only one color, neither are trees. Yes, leaves are green but their shades and tones combined with brown shades and tones make a good color combination. It may seem intimidating at first to combine colors, but keep in mind that color is powerful enough to change the shape and size of furnishings as well as the room itself!

Since it has psychological value, you’ll have to think about how certain colors make you feel. What mood do you want to create in your bedroom? Is it always going to be romantic or tranquil? Which colors will activate the moods you’d like to have when you walk into your bedroom? Magazines, blogs, decorating books, Pinterest, online quizzes, and tons of other sources online will help you with some fantastic ideas! Don’t forget about texture! I love the texture that distressed furniture has, which is why being a DIYer is awesome because I can use colors and textures in what I’m fixing.

Mood colors for your DIY bedroom ideas…

Here are a few mood colors I’ve put together so that you can read about what colors you can think about incorporating into your DIY bedroom ideas and decor. Remember to keep in mind shades and tones as well. I have also listed a few shades of each color that are available on my online store under Fusion paints, in bold print. Be sure to check them out!


Known to raise your adrenaline levels and keep you energized. It’s one of nature’s most intense color, with its vibrancy, richness, and excitement- especially at night. It leaves strong impressions and strikes, just like when a lady appears in a crowded room wearing a red dress and everyone notices her. The main reason why she stands out is because she’s wearing a color that calls for attention.

Red may be too stimulating in the bedroom since it raises your blood pressure and increases your heart rate, unless it’s seen mostly by your night lamps in the dark. The color appears rich and elegant instead of vibrant or bright. However, shades of red are a beauty and can become quite a pretty, soft pastel that soothes and prevents a high adrenaline level. I’d recommend red for a prop or two as a bedroom idea and not as a wall color unless it’s a soft shade or hue.

Red Theme Bedroom

Available on my online store for the Fusion paints: Cranberry, English Rose – which is a softer pink, and Fort York Red – which I have used to paint a prop that you will have to consider as one of your DIY bedroom ideas!


This color captures the joyful sunlight that we all enjoy, especially through sunbathing, and communicates cheerfulness. Yellow is warm and welcoming, uplifting spirits and you’ll usually find them in the living room, kitchen, and small spaces since it can feel expansive. However, did you know that it’s known to make babies cry more frequently or perhaps make you lose your temper if it’s in large amounts? You definitely don’t want either of those in your bedroom! Too much of a good thing isn’t as good as it should be! Besides, we’re talking about color for your bedroom props, so a mustard yellow or royal adds a spoonful of joy in your bedroom!

Available on my online store for the Fusion paints: Buttermilk Cream, Limestone, Prairie Sunset, or Mustard – a bold and tasteful shade!


Calming and serene, with large amounts of relaxation. This color is usually recommended for the bedrooms and the bathrooms. For your bedroom idea, soft shades of blue are tranquilizing and adding a touch of grey lengthens the calming effect. You could definitely use this color and its shades for your wall color and bedroom props.

Available on my online store for the Fusion paints: Champness, Heirloom, the perfectly balanced Homestead Blue, or the Midnight Blue.


Since it is a combination of the cheerful yellow and calming blue, this color evokes comfort and togetherness, which is great for you and your partner! It is refreshing and restful and comes in handy for decorating. Many people are afraid to go green in decorating because it may seem too vibrant at times, but you’d be surprised by its lovely shades and dreamy effects! Even designers call it “restful green.”

Refurbished Antique With Green Paint
You can read more about this mirror project below.

Available on my online store for the Fusion paints: Bayberry – I absolutely love the greyish mixture, Brook, and Lily Pond, and Park Bench – another color I used that you can consider for one of your DIY bedroom ideas.


Probably one of the most common groups of colors and no, it doesn’t only mean beige! Neutrals include light and dark such as ivory, cream, nude, tan, khaki, olive, charcoal and black. Look up “neutral color palette” on Google and fall in love with the colors that you’ll see! What I love about neutrals are how classy and warm they are, which is the mood in and of itself! You will never grow tired of them! Neutrals allow for flexibility of pops of color and they actually bring out textures and patterns as well.

Available on my online store for the Fusion paints: Algonquin, Ash, Little Stork, Little Whale, Cathedral Taupe, Inglenook, and basically, a ton of other neutral colors that you just need to check out!

On a personal note …

I’m all about harmony, romance, and relaxing, in my bedroom. I like the neutral colors of grey, white, and brown, as they leave me flexibility in having a background with which to work. Since I am always upcycling and turning old junk into treasures with the beautiful line of Fusion paint colors, the neutral colors work well! Basically, having a neutral background in my bedroom allows me to use any color for bedroom decor or props!

Got your color and mood code. Props time.

Check out what you’d like to add or take away

Now that we’ve figured out the colors and the mood you’d like to create for your bedroom, let’s dive further into your DIY bedroom ideas with the props. I would recommend checking out the things you’d like to take away first. Yes, I like junk and I keep the junk that I find until I figure out how I’d like to give it some “TLC,” but it’s not stacked and stashed in my bedroom. Clear out what you don’t want or need and figure out what you’d like to add. The less clutter and more organized, the more “warm and cozy” your bedroom will be.

DIY bedroom idea #1: Tranquilized and relaxed

Vintage furniture is my weakness. There are seriously awesome ones that you can find in thrift stores or at the community garbage or yes, on the side of the road. I took a mirror from an old dresser that I couldn’t use anymore and transferred an image, in white, on the mirror. I used Fusion’s Park Bench Paint- a beautiful, stand-out green that is a favorite, to paint the wooden parts around the mirror. Check out my video here to see how I transformed this cute piece! A fun thing to do with old dresser mirrors is that you can make it like a chalkboard. This would be perfect for you to write sweet love notes to your partner or even to yourself for some daily encouragement!

I also took an old, boring, maple table that I had previously painted in cream and painted it in the same color of Park Bench green. This table would be perfect as a nightstand, and again, it adds such a beautiful pop of color that is tranquilizing and relaxing. I’ve shared the video and would recommend it for your bedroom! You could also use this table for your bathroom, as an organizer. I absolutely love this color because it makes antiques boldly beautiful.

DIY bedroom idea #2: Classy and warm

Which of course means, a neutral color such as Sterling grey. This color is slightly metallic and shiny but it has such a nice gloss! I painted a vintage smokers box, or table, with this color and I have to tell you that it turned out to be a beauty! This box could be used to store books, both on top and inside. If you happen to have a spot in your bedroom that has a reading nook area, this Sterling grey box would add a classy and warm touch, especially if you could add a pot of plants on the top or a gigantic candle that will add more warmth. You can check out my live video on here.

DIY bedroom idea #3: Soft and soothing

There is something about pastel colors that keep the mood calm. Fusion’s English Rose, which is a soft, pretty pink that has such a lovely taste of femininity. I took an antique bench and painted it with this lovely color and it turned out very well! I have to admit that the color just added more beauty to the antique piece. I’d definitely use this bench by my window to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and journal or write snail mail letters while admiring the outdoors, as this pretty English Rose color just exudes relaxation.

Refurbished Antique Bench With Pink Paint

Soft and soothing colors also stem from blue. As mentioned earlier under my color recommendations, you can also use colors such as Fusion’s Champness, Heirloom, or Seaside, to paint antique pieces. They add such a relaxing flair to your bedroom, especially if the background or walls of your bedroom are in neutral colors.

Enjoy the colors of your personalized bedroom

Colors amaze me with how they can influence our mood and the feelings that they can raise. If you follow me on my live Facebook videos, you will most likely notice how excited I get when I explain the colors that I’m using for the various DIY projects. I have used and sampled each color on my online store and they are unique in their own way.

Be creative and sample colors.

Mix colors and recognize how the colors make you feel. If you love vibrant colors such as red but feel that it may be too bold as main bedroom color, mix it up with other colors and create a soft red color palette.  When you know the colors of your mood, your DIY bedroom ideas will grow with variety! Be sure to check out my online store and don’t fear about being bold!


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