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It’s been a busy start to this new year of 2018! We’ve come to the middle of March and Easter is not too far away. With all the hustle and bustle of things, preparing DIY Easter baskets can be stressful, especially when we don’t only want to cater to children … adults need some Easter love too! Don’t stress though, my DIYers. With DIY, anything is possible!

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I’ve prepared a list of a few, last minute Easter baskets that do require some upcycling love. After all, why shouldn’t we upcycle and pass it on as lovely gifts to loved ones? To make it easier for you, I’ve categorized both child and adult basket fillers for each Easter basket theme. I’ll also give you some ideas on how to throw an Easter brunch and entertain the little ones with a fun Easter egg hunt filled with Easter candies!

Those classic, brown, paper grocery bags

Oh yes, these classic, brown, paper grocery bags are one of the best things to upcycle. You can make book covers, lovely luminaries, paper wallet, or use it as wrapping paper. These brown grocery bags are also quite durable and I love how retro they look as well. An Easter basket made out of these bags would be a fun way to treat both kids and adults.

You will need:

Since this project may sound a little confusing without the step-by-step images, Lia Griffith has both the written steps and images that follow each step. To go with the “go green” theme, fill the paper baskets with fake moss. You can find this at almost any craft store and if you have leftovers, you can repurpose it in a terrarium or a lantern or decorate your rustic table with it!

Child’s Paper Easter Basket

You can shred some green craft paper- different shades of green will add more fun- or you can crumple up some green tissue paper balls. Fill it up with some speckled candy eggs, natural candy gummy worms, and some fresh berries or cherries. The fresh fruits will add more to the theme. And be a healthier treat, of course. Cutout shapes of chicks from felt material would be additional fun for the child to play with while enjoying the treats!

Adult’s Paper Easter Basket

Adults would most likely appreciate fresh flowers or plants more than children. Choose some sturdy blooms such as roses or dahlias to tuck inside your paper basket. Succulents, on-trend palm fronds, eucalyptus, or lavender with dark succulent leaves would be beautiful. They don’t have to be real either. Fill it up with dried fruits, berries or cherries, and some tea bags.

Don’t forget to tie a pastel green bow on each end of the basket handle for a cute finish!


Get that bunny in your mason jar!

Mason jars

Easter in a mason jar! How fun is that?! Believe it or not, these do come out quite adorable. Mason jars have become one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen. Actually, they’ve probably been around much longer than most of us parents, considering they were used to can jams, jellies, and fermented veggies back in the good old days! It’s fun to bring back the retro themes when they are also useful and cute. This is a pretty simple Easter basket that will take a few minutes, but again, it’s simply adorable!

You will need:


Child’s mason jar Easter basket

Fill the bottom of the jar with some Easter grass which can also be shredded green craft paper. Add a solid milk chocolate bunny (Russell Stover has the best!), of course, you’ll have to make sure the bunny fits well in your jar, and then add some peanut butter or plain speckled eggs. Add enough eggs to hold the bunny in place. Be sure to hold the bunny gently, by its ears and then pour in those sweet eggs.

Adult’s mason jar DIY Easter basket

Same as the child’s- fill the bottom with some Easter grass. Now, you can change it up. You don’t have to add the solid milk chocolate bunny. Instead, why not add in a wine sampler bottle or any other liquor sampler bottle? Once you have that in the jar, pour in the speckled eggs or you can up it a notch with Ferrero Rocher Easter eggs! You can also mix it with the speckled eggs if you’d like. Tie some twine at the top, around the lid, to add to the adult flavor!

Berry, berry Easter baskets

These are another fun, alternative option for Easter baskets. The bonus part, they can continue being upcycled especially in the summertime to collect berries. Berry baskets can be transformed into festive containers with their various bright colors to hold eggs and fun Easter treats. And how fun would it be for little ones to use these cute little baskets to collect their eggs for their Easter egg hunt!

You will need:


Child’s berry Easter basket

Fill the bottom of the berry basket with fake grass. Add a little sealed bag or small box of sidewalk crayon, bouncing balls, and fun band-aids, just for kicks! Besides, kids like wearing cool band-aids for fun, if it’s not for a “boo-boo”. For treats, spoil them with some soft caramel chews and chocolate covered bunnies on a stick or marshmallows.

Adult’s berry Easter basket

Fill the bottom of the berry basket with fake grass. You know how Easter meals usually mean some leftover ham? Add a small bottle of special hot sauce and a small bag of pretzels or specialty chips to go with leftover ham. Movie tickets seem like a rare gift, but who wouldn’t want a free movie ticket anyway? Don’t forget to add some Cadbury creme eggs and some classic favorites like Sour Patch Kids and Air Heads or chocolate covered bunnies on a stick!

Time for the festive Easter brunch!

Easter brunch

Decorate your table

Now that you have a few ideas on last-minute Easter baskets, let’s get into the food! If you’re like me, rustic is the way to go. It’s elegant, chic, warm, and inviting. Cover your table with a cream colored tablecloth or a burlap table runner. Add some fresh flowers (tulips or daisies are perfect for Easter) in a glass jar, which you can wrap with a gold, wide ribbon or you can spray paint a glass jar with a pastel green paint spray.

For the plate settings, you don’t have to stress about adding too much since you want to enjoy socializing with your guests and eating those delicious platters of food. A main-dish plate, a serviette, a fork, spoon, knife, and dessert fork is all you need. Remember those tissue paper flowers you made for the mason jar Easter baskets? Make one to place on the center of each plate with a chocolate covered bunny on a stick. Fun flavors for your guests! Go ahead and add your Easter basket at the top of your plate setting as well, if there’s room on your table!

If you’re having a separate table for the little minions, make it festive for them as well. Have a centerpiece of jar of fresh flowers and surround the jar with colorful fake eggs and fake grass. Place a couple Peeps on each of their plates and fill a little cup for each setting with speckled eggs and gummy worms. Challenge the kids to avoid eating all of their candies before or during brunch by letting them know that they’ll get a handful of free eggs for their Easter Egg Hunt. You’d be surprised by how many kids will wait to get free eggs …

Delicious food for hungry tummies

Here’s where it gets hard because you have to choose the best dishes among such a variety of delicious dishes. But no stress. Again, you have to make sure you’re having fun preparing for Easter as it is a time to celebrate many blessings! Keep the dishes simple, tasty, and adult- and kid- friendly. Have an appetizer or two, at least two main dishes, two side dishes, and a dessert with a fun beverage, both for adults and kids.

Light starters

Appetizers can be veggie platters with a ranch or salsa cream cheese dip and bruschettas. Hot dips are fun and easy to make as well, and pair nicely with warm tortilla chips or potato chips. If you have extra time on your hand, dive into a savoury turnover appetizer. Puff pastries are a lifesaver for both turnovers or a vegetable and cheese tart.

The main platters

Main dishes can be as easy as having two different quiches or a quiche and roasted chicken! Kids love quiches as well, or you could easily make a batch of meatballs and throw them in a crockpot while you prepare the other main dishes. But if you’re looking for something more ordinary, try a frittata recipe. Add a lamb sausage or roasted leg of lamb with roast vegetables for another main dish. What I like about these dishes is putting all the ingredients together and baking it in the oven! And you just need to season them to your liking! Side dishes can easily be golden baked and cubed russet potatoes and a fennel and smoked salmon salad with tangerine slices. Go ahead and add in the hot cross buns as a classic Easter tradition.

Sweet Easter treats

Desserts are the weaknesses of many. Choose from an all berries or single kind of berry custard tart or the classic carrot cake. Cupcakes are a hit among the kids. They just love cupcakes decorated with speckled eggs or marshmallows or pastel sprinkles over frosting! Not too hard to please those little ones. Fresh juice with some sparkling water or Sprite with slices of fresh oranges, lemons, or berries, would be a fun drink for them as well. For the adult crowd- put together a mimosa beverage, which is just orange juice with champagne and some fresh berries for extra flavor or a delightful sangria.

If you need more recipes to browse through, check out sources online. Martha Stewart usually has some awesome ones- tried and true, too!

Time for some Easter hunting!

The moment that all the kids have been waiting for. It’s always exciting going on a hunt for Easter eggs; you never know what are in those cute eggs and how much candy you’ll be feasting on! However, this year’s Easter egg hunt doesn’t have to only be about candy-filled eggs. Change it up and let the adults join in on the Easter egg hunt as well. Make it a family egg hunt.

Paint a different emoji on each egg or you can order them on amazon.com if you’re able to order them ahead of time. Each family has to act out all their emoji eggs and the best acting family wins an Easter bucket of treats. Or you can make a “check off list” scavenger hunt, such as looking for certain types of flowers or searching for eggs in certain colors, etc, where the first family who checks off everything on the list wins the big prize of treats. If these ideas are still not too exciting- make it a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt. That would be a blast!

Laugh and celebrate

After all, it’s a time of celebrating with family and friends. I hope these tips were helpful! Have a wonderful Easter celebration and join in on the Easter egg hunts. Share your upcycled DIY Easter basket ideas to your friends and pass on the trend!

Also, check out my ideas on these Dollar Tree findings! This will be your centerpiece. You can add candles on candle stands on each side to the left and right of your centerpiece.


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