Dollar Tree DIY projects are my favorite, because they’re super affordable, cute and allow for a lot of creativity! Here’s one that cost just $4 or less. *(I already had the moss and foam on hand)

Dollar Tree Supplies Needed:

I did this project in under 15 minutes. Here are my steps:

  1. Paint Cactus (any color you choose!) I chose Raw Silk by Fusion Mineral Paint.
  2. Apply 2 coats and let fully dry.
  3. I added a little character to them, by dry brushing black onto the edges. I used Coal Black by Fusion Mineral Paint and a chip brush.
  4. Then I added my foam in the base of the cactus, and filled it with the moss.
  5. Finally, I stuck the stem of the succulent in the middle and done!
  6. Enjoy your cute affordable, (non dying) succulent all year long!!

Watch the full DIY video here on our Facebook page!

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