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Wondering what color to use for your newest project? Check out Fusion Mineral Paint Algonquin, a special color that you’ll have to have for your crafts and projects.

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Fusion Mineral Paint Algonquin: the neutral you need in your life

Algonquin is anything but the same old range of brown tones you see every day. Instead, Algonquin is a softening shade of brown that’ll bring some warmth to your color scheme. Whether it’s in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom, you’ll be able to find a place for this versatile color.

Ways to use Algonquin

if you’re not sure how to use this beautiful brown, here are a few DIY projects for inspiration. Take a look at how others decided to use Fusion Mineral Paint Algonquin and see what you can come up with!

It’s a great choice for your bathroom vanity

Renovated bathroom with brown shades
Bathroom Reno by Wendy, Front Porch Mercantile

Algonquin is a great choice if you’re looking to give your bathroom vanity a new paint job. Its muted tone will give your bathroom a refined, relaxing style and will easily match with any other colors you plan on using. Algonquin is also a nice addition if you’re going for a rustic design. It provides a woodsy, natural feel, especially if you combine it with the right colors. As you can see, this means that Algonquin is useful for a wide range of projects. You’ll be able to use it in a bathroom that’s country-themed or one that’s more upscale and expensive.

Mix and match nightstand

Two tone nightstand painted by Bless'er House
Two Tone Nightstand by Lauren, Bless’er House

One of Algonquin’s best characteristics is its versatility – it goes with other colors and has a warming effect on any color tone it’s combined with. The nightstand pictured above is a great example of this. The drawers have a coat of Algonquin, while the rest of the nightstand is a pale blue Fusion tone; the two color tones balance one another out beautifully, with Algonquin mellowing out the blue tone. The blue, in turn, brightens up the more neutral Algonquin. Black cabinet pulls finish out the look for this cute nightstand.

A new style for your coffee table

Octagonal coffee table painted by Creative Moments
Octagonal Coffee Table by Creative Moments

Whether it’s going to be the central piece or more of a side decoration in your living room, your coffee table is worth the effort of making it look perfect. Fusion Mineral Paint Algonquin is a great color if you’re looking to change up your coffee table’s style. It’s a neutral color that’ll work well in your living room, but it’s not the typical dark or light wood tone that you’ll see in many coffee tables. Rather, it’s an enjoyable “in-between” shade that’s unique, but still mainstream enough that it’s not startling. You’ll be able to decorate your coffee table with a range of colors if you give it a new paint job with Algonquin.

Other colors you should use with Algonquin

What colors match well with Algonquin? Check out what we think for some inspiration.

Stay with a natural color scheme

Algonquin is a great choice if you enjoy a natural color scheme. Additionally, there are a couple of colors that you can combine with Algonquin to achieve this effect.

Beige door and window with forest green plant


Beige will add to Algonquin’s neutral look and create a color scheme of earthy tones for your project. An Algonquin piece with beige highlights spruces up any space well.

A medium shade of forest green

While you won’t want to go for a shade of forest green that’s too dark, a medium forest green tone is a great color to use with Algonquin. Like the Algonquin and blue nightstand we talked about earlier, forest green and Algonquin will balance each other out perfectly.

Add a little contrast

Perhaps you’re looking for a little contrast to add to an Algonquin piece. If so, here are a few colors you should consider!

White and pink flower blossoms

White or black

White goes with everything, but along with Algonquin, it creates a craftsy look that you’ll enjoy on any piece of furniture or smaller craft. A DIY photo frame for your pictures at the beach would be a superb choice for this color combination. Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black is another neutral color you can feature in an Algonquin project.


Pink is an excellent color to allow some radiance and feeling into your project. If you’re using Algonquin in a child’s room, a great way to keep the room looking lively is to bring in some pink accents. Bright pink and pale pink will both work with Algonquin, so choose the shade of pink you like best!

Try out a shade of blue

Blue is a dependable combination color for Algonquin. Conveniently, most shades of blue go with this soft brown.

Shades of blue with pink

Shades of blue

Pale blue and medium blue are fantastic highlight colors for Algonquin. You can combine these colors for any craft. Dark blue will lend a stately, elegant grace to your Algonquin projects. Like white, these shades of blue match with Algonquin and create a tasteful look you’ll appreciate.


The twist to this otherwise conventional palette is a pop of color, like coral. While the different shades of gray-blue give Algonquin a traditional feel, a coral pink or warm orange will make the whole look more modern.

Enjoy this soothing neutral in your home

Fusion Mineral Paint Algonquin is hard to beat in terms of its warm, soothing effect and its versatility. Even better, you can combine Algonquin with Fusion Mineral Paint Heirloom (a light blue tone) for an outstanding style in your future projects. Before you know it, you’ll want to use this color combination for every new project you stumble across!