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Hey! Sarah here with another color to put the spotlight on! Fusion Mineral Paint Champlain is a fantastic neutral white paint. Its warmth can create the perfect backdrop to add a zing of color.

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With its creamy warmth, one could say visions of lattes come to mind at its sight. And who doesn’t love a good latte from your local coffee shop? We’d say Champlain is a cozy off-white, suitable for all season as it can stand on its own and combine with various colors for a winsome arrangement of style.

Comforting. Versatile. Minimalist. Those are just a few words to describe this classic Fusion color!

An old world flair

The creative minds behind Fusion Mineral Paint’s Champlain recognized a need for paint that would “replicate beautiful old world finishes.”

And can we say they delivered with this color or what! The Fusion line of color is their newest product line — a real treat.

Different ways to use Champlain

Fusion’s Champlain paint is sure to cast an old world vibe in any home. You’ll see what we mean in the following examples. It’s just a sampling, showcasing a few ideas of what you can do with this paint. We hope you are wowed by these ideas like we are!

Kitchen table

Kitchen Table Makeover by Lorraine via Miss Flibbertigibbet

To some, an old world finish means giving furniture a crackled, worn look. With Fusion’s paint line, you can do just that!

While Fusion paint goes onto a surface silky smooth, with the right tools, you can make it look crackled. Algonquin made for one user’s base coat of paint. She applied Algonquin and then went through the process to achieve a distressed look. She employed Champlain for the crackle color.

Fusion Mineral Paint Champlain

It’s imperfectly perfect, in our opinion! Who doesn’t love a distressed kitchen table? No fussing over any dings and dents that may arise from a busy household of kiddos! Any dings add to the aesthetic!


Painted Piano by Jill via Sew a Fine Seam

For a piano that’s looking a bit disheveled and in need of a facelift, Fusion Mineral Paint Champlain can come to its rescue! What do you think? Have you thought about giving that piano of yours a new look?

We know, a piano is heavy to move around. But don’t let that deter you from getting a fresh coat of paint on that marred finish. Move the piano away from the wall, add some protective plastic to the floor and get painting! You’ll be amazed by the before and after. (Don’t forget to take pictures and share them with us!)


Vintage Writing Bureau by Emily via Emily Rose Vintage

Now, who doesn’t love the convenience of a nightstand? A nightstand is a perfect addition to any bedside. You can take that tacky yard sale find of yours and make it look snazzy with a bit of Champlain.

And want to know what’s a good perk to this change of color? You can bring in that zing of color we talked about earlier. Get your hands on a colorful lamp. It’ll complement your nightstand well.

Roll top desk

Fusion roll top desk by Lee Ann K via Creative Moments

And now for that antique roll top desk. The perfect flea market find that needs some elbow grease. Apply that milky paint and watch it transform your desk into a quaint furniture piece. It’s waiting to be accented with candles and plants on top!

Color palettes using Champlain

We talked about Fusion Mineral Paint Champlain and its many uses. Now, how about some color palette ideas to inspire your next project? We can’t wait to share the pops of color that work well with this creamy, cozy paint! Cozy, vibrant, and minimalist — those are just a few aesthetic vibes that Champlain is good for! The possibilities are endless. Read on for some palette inspiration.


In the world of Champlain, you can play up natural, organic colors. Wood, browns, black can add to the cozy vibe. We can see this color working well with steel, stone, and rustic wood. Maybe even some brown-red hues.

Coffee milkshake with whipped cream and cinnamon


To go for those pops of color we spoke of earlier, forest green and aqua blue hues pair quite nice with Champlain. Add some dark greyish browns for more neutral warmth.

View from top overlooking the coast


Say hello to minimalism with Champlain. Add some gold accents and light, creamy greens to give off a classy and simply look. If you’re all about a simple, clear space, Champlain will certainly add to that in a good way.

White roses in a gold accented vase

Put a new spin on the old

With Champlain, you’ll find that a taste of the past can blend well with the new. Be creative. Even if you prefer a chic modern style, Champlain will be sure to complement your vibe well with its creamy finish.

Fusion Mineral Paint Champlain