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The seaside is often represented as a place of respite and refreshment. A place to vacation and regroup, taking a step back from the turbulence of work and the day to day grind.

In Fusion Mineral Paint Champness, you’ll find a taste of that. The color takes you back to that seaside escape with its blue hue that could hint at the sky or the sea. A refreshing color, Champness is sure to set the mood for a serene look.  

Featured image for "Fusion Mineral Paint Champness_ Bring In The Sea With This Moody Blue" blog post

To be blue does not mean to be sad. With Champness, you’re seizing the day — and you’re doing it in style!

Blue brims with life and style

If you’re in the market for a quality paint for your next upcycle project, look no further. The Fusion Mineral line delivers. Fusion Mineral’s Champness goes for an even coat with its milky consistency.

Furthermore, Champness carries a bit of an old world vibe without making you think of a dingy old attic. Sure, it’s a nod to the past but it’s a timeless nod to the past. That’s something you can carry into a variety of decor styles!

We’re all about embracing our own unique styles. It’s certainly something we’re passionate about in helping others with their decor needs.

Different ways to use Champness

So let’s talk action. It’s one thing to gush about using such a wonderful product, it’s another to see it used in a variety of instances. Here are some uses for Champness — we hope it provides some inspiration fuel to get the ideas flowing. And not only that, we hope you’re propelled forward to tackle that project you’re dreaming of.


Refurbished dresser by Lauren, Bless'er House
French Blue Dresser Makeover by Lauren, Bless’er House

That dresser could use an update. Oh, don’t tell us you don’t know what we’re talking about. After seeing an example of a dressed graced with Fusion Mineral Paint Champness, who wouldn’t want to give that old dresser a fresh look?

As can be seen, a bit of Champness could take your room to a whole new level of style.

Writing desk

Light blue table by Sweet Pickins Design
Fusion Mineral Paint Champness painted table by Sweet Pickins Design

Now, how about adding a bit of calming flair to an old writing desk? Nothing gives a nod to old world style like a writing desk. The relaxing hue of Champness brings a sense of newness to the desk without sacrificing that vintage vibe.


Upcycled chair painted by Upcycle Vintage Home Decor
Fusion Mineral Paint Champness chair by Upcycle Vintage Home Decor

And did you know, you can use Fusion Mineral Paint Champness for livening up your chairs? That’s right! A chair doesn’t have to be ordinary even if it serves an everyday purpose. While the chair we’re pointing you to is a desk chair, remember the sky’s your limit.

You can paint the chairs around your kitchen table. You can paint those old rocking chairs on your porch. Additionally, you could even paint an antique chair’s wooden legs and arms for a little extra zest!

Color palettes using Champness

Now that we’ve provided some boots on the ground inspiration, let’s look at the different colors you can combine with Champness. As you’ll see, Champness can be used in both stark or soft color palettes.

Grayish seas

Here we see Champness pairing quite well with greys and creamy white. For those who prefer an airy and minimalist aesthetic, this palette will deliver. It is straightforward but not jarring. It’s subtle and warm.

Stark variety

But Champness isn’t restricted to soft warm blues. You can match it up with some stark colors too. Bring in a zing of warm yellows and rich charcoal. To add to the variety, Champlain works well too!

Sun light coming through dark blue sky

Quaint and airy

Say hello to quaint and dainty. With such a palette inspiration, an airy vibe comes to mind. Creamy beige, white and blue come together to create a sweet look.

Glazed donuts with pastel blue candy eggs

A taste of the sea

To embrace Fusion Mineral Paint Champness is to taste the seaside – a breath of mental rest and refreshment. Whether you go for stark or quaint, we hope you feel free to taste the sea.

To enjoy a more contrasting glimpse, pair this color with an application of Midnight Blue to your home and furniture.