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Who doesn’t love rich, decadent chocolate? It’s a pleasing sight to the eyes and it pairs well with many colors — both subtle and rich. As you survey Fusion Mineral Paint Chocolate, you’ll be brought back to visions of your favorite quality brownies or chocolate syrup.

Featured image for "Fusion Mineral Paint Chocolate: A Pleasant, Deep, Rich Brown" blog post

Sure, you can’t bite into this paint, but the point is that you’re looking at something that’s sure to appeal.

Tie it into other colors or let it stand on its own — chocolate is always in. (Are you hungry yet? You may want to break open the nearest chocolate bar as you follow along.)

Chocolate denotes strength and comfort

Don’t believe us? Take it from the experts. (I’m sure those who love devouring chocolate have no qualms with that statement, right?) But our focus is the color. It’s bespeaks of strength, resilience, comfort, and warmth.

And what beats Fusion Mineral Paint’s line of colors in your effort to incorporate chocolate into your decor? Fusion Mineral is a quality paint line, bringing timeless colors to people of today. Not only are the colors to die for, but the quality of the milky paint makes application a relative breeze!

We’re all about quality and efficient application here. As you may have noticed from previous articles, it’s why we adore Fusion!

Different ways to use Chocolate

And now for our favorite part of this series! It’s time to move from talking to action. But how? We’re going to show off some wonderful ways that Fusion Mineral Paint Chocolate is used to spruce up some old furniture.

We love seeing a bit of furniture given new life with a coat of Fusion. And we think you will too. Ready for this tour of inspiration? Let’s see what others have done!

Distressed coffee and end tables set

Side table painted in different colors by Bliss Ranch
Groovey Side Table by Bliss Ranch

Fusion Mineral Paint Chocolate takes its place in the conglomeration of paint here. For the distressed look, the blogger used several Fusion paints to bring about the effect.

If a distressed aesthetic fits your style, Chocolate can play a role in that.


Chocolate painted desk by Creative Moments
Chocolate Fusion Desk by Creative Moments

For a classic desk with a fresh look, you can slather on some Chocolate. This desk went from drab to fab in a flash thanks to Fusion Mineral Paint Chocolate.

This blogger distressed the edges, giving it a nice touch of character. Talk about classy and timeless!

Kitchen table set

Dining table repainted by Dale, Mango Reclaimed
Dales Chocolate Fusion Table by Dale via Mango Reclaimed

Here’s another idea. Bring the Chocolate vibe into your kitchen by giving your kitchen table and chairs a facelift. The rich shade of brown gives the kitchen set a nice touch to the kitchen. It pairs well with a variety of colors that could be brought into a kitchen setting.

In spite of the classy nature of the color, it could pair well with a modern style if that’s more your thing.

Color palettes using Chocolate

Now it’s time to look at the possibilities that come with Fusion Mineral Paint Chocolate. What are some of the color combinations that would work with this fine, rich hue of brown? We’re glad you asked.

A shoutout to the power of the bean

Chocolate’s rich brown may inspire you to think on your morning routine of drinking coffee. Awakening, caffeinated goodness to fuel your day, coffee is often a welcome sight.

In this palette, you can run wild with a coffee-themed motif. A range of different browns and a light creamy shine can add to your furniture or decor’s motif. Give it a go and see what comes of it.

Coffee beans

If we were you, we’d go beyond this palette and imagine what colors go with the coffee bean. Think of the coffee tree: greens and reds are some colors that come to mind in an instant.

Rich decadence

Now if this doesn’t sell you, we don’t know what will. This delicious blue pairs well with the rich chocolate goodness here. Bring in some white and you’re welcoming a soothing color combination into your home and decor. For a blue that you might like to combine with Chocolate, try Fusion Mineral Paint Champness.

Mug cake with caramel swirl

Elegant and warm

There’s something majestic about this pinkish warm red. It adds a touch of royal grandeur to the warmth of the Chocolate. Contrast it against white and you can take this into a minimalist motif, depending on the amount of white space you have on hand.

Chocolate bar with red fruity topping

Chocolate isn’t just for special occasions

Fusion Mineral Paint Chocolate is a color that can strike some timeless spice into any style at any time. Don’t just think of chocolate in terms of a reward or a special occasion. Own it all year long with Fusion’s line of paint.