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Sometimes, bright splashes of color are perfect for home decor, but if you’re imagining your crafts and projects as elegant, luxurious, and a little mysterious even, then say hello to Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black – a stunning shade that’ll upgrade your DIY projects with ease.

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Why choose Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black?

Well, first of all, it’s one of the easiest ways to transform your projects from ordinary to intriguing. Second, and perhaps more importantly, Coal Black matches with every color and will even make your other color choices stand out in gorgeous contrast. This makes it a great choice for a living room or bedroom, where your color options are likely to be somewhat varied.

File cabinet upgrade

Refurbished card catalog by The Driftwood Home
Card Catalog Makeover with Coal Black by The Driftwood Home

Black is an excellent color choice for an office room – it embodies professionalism and elegance. The file cabinet pictured above is a great example of the suave look this color will bring to your home decor projects. So, for your next office-related project, put Coal Black high on your list of color options and give your office a color upgrade!

A new look for your desk

Painted secretary desk by Home Made Lovely
Painted Secretary Desk in Fusion Mineral Paint’s Coal Black by Shannon, Home Made Lovely

Like most of us, you probably have a desk in your home. Perhaps it’s a school desk, or maybe you only use it when you’re doing your hair and makeup. Coal Black will complete either look – it can serve as a professional tone for your office desk, or it can turn a makeup table into a work of art. If you’re worried about your desk turning out too dark, simply add some gold knobs to give it a little touch of contrast.

Give your old screen door a makeover in Coal Black

Old farmhouse screen door painted by Raggedy Bits
Old Farmhouse Screen Door by Sam, Raggedy Bits

Perhaps your screen door is one of the next items on your DIY agenda. Kids, pets, and weather conditions all do plenty of damage to this part of your home, so a new paint job is a necessity at some point. One of the best benefits of Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black is that it is useful as both an interior and exterior paint, making it a superb selection for this project. You’ll be welcoming guests to your home in style with this classy color framing the doorway!

How to use other colors with Coal Black

If Coal Black just became your latest favorite paint color and you’re planning to use it for your future crafting, you’ll love these color combinations that will upgrade your new style even more.

Soft & subtle

For an elegant, but soft look, combine Coal Black with these delicate hues.

Shades of pink roses

Light pink

A pale rose shade will soften Coal Black’s intense tone, creating an atmosphere that is both elegant and comforting.

A medium blue shade

Dark blue can add too much intensity to a Coal Black piece, making it overwhelming; meanwhile, light blue can take away from Coal Black’s powerful tone. Therefore, choosing a shade of blue that’s somewhere in between dark and light is optimal for Coal Black decor. It contrasts the darker shade while adding to it as well.

Vibrant colors

Coal Black can make vibrant colors really stand out. If you’re looking for a fiery look, try these color combinations.

Bright orange ring against black background


Ready to make a bolder fashion statement with your color choices? Adding bright orange to your range of contrast colors is a good way to get started. Orange may clash with other colors, but it’ll always be a fabulous choice as a contrast to Coal Black.

Vibrant yellow

If the intensity of Coal Black decor seems to overpower a small space or drown out all the other pieces in the room, there’s no better color to add than a vibrant yellow! A piece of yellow decor will cheer up otherwise dull surroundings easily.

Naturally intense

Do you want your space to stand out, but look natural at the same time? Try something like this.

Dark blue parrot on a branch

Dark blue

Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue is a great choice for a combination like this. However, while Coal Black and dark blue match well with each other, you’ll have to be careful to avoid too much dark color. Ideally, you should include a lighter color (yellow or a lighter shade of blue are good options) if you’re planning to use a great deal of Coal Black and dark blue in the same space.


Finally, brown is indisputably a great color to use alongside Coal Black. A lighter shade of brown will match with a Coal Black piece well, but don’t rule out darker brown tones just yet – some shades of dark brown actually add to the elegance and tastefulness of Coal Black, making it an even better option for your furniture and DIY projects.

Coal Black is a color you can’t help but love

You won’t be able to help but enjoy upgrading your projects and crafts and basking in the luxuries of your home with the intense style of Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black. But what if your list is longer than the pieces you can paint with Coal Black? Maybe you have a table and chair set that you’d rather paint in a less-intense color, like Fusion Mineral Paint Champlain, a refreshing, neutral shade of white that matches with anything. Between these two stellar colors, you’ll fall in love with your painting projects all over again!