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We’re always looking to try out new colors that bring an old world zest into a living space. And it’s our opinion that Fusion Mineral Paint Heirloom does just that.

Featured image for "Fusion Mineral Paint Heirloom: A Vintage Blue With Style" blog post

Blue is a color that springs with life. It’s soothing, therapeutic, and life-giving. The oceans have it. The sky has it. It speaks of adventure and beckons us to the outdoors in a way that few colors do. Its peace-giving hue is good for the mind and the soul.

In a way, blue could serve as the glue that ties a relaxing aesthetic together.

We’re excited about this color and the potential that could be unlocked in its use. Are you ready to delve into the possibilities?

Something borrowed, something blue

Just as the name hints at, Heirloom encapsulates an old world vibe into a product that you can use today to suit your painting needs. Give that furniture a fresh spin with some vintage blue!

The Fusion Mineral line of paint takes pride in a product that applies with smoothness onto any furniture surface. It’s a dream come true to the person who’s taking time out to bring new life to a piece of furniture!

So are you ready to get your Heirloom on? We are!

Different ways to use Heirloom

The possibilities at your fingertips are endless. Lamps, bed frames, picture frames, and more can benefit from the stylish blue that Fusion Mineral Heirloom brings to any project. Here are a few examples to get those creative juices flowing.

Corner shelf

Painted corner shelf by Paint This & That Creations
Corner shelf painted with Fusion Mineral Paint Heirloom by Paint This & That Creations

A corner shelf is a great way to make use of otherwise wasted space. It’s a great piece of furniture to dress up with Fusion Mineral Paint Heirloom. Your corner shelf could contrast well against a creamy white wall. Pair the corner shelf with decor that provides a nice accent against the blue hues of Heirloom. Bring some dark browns or gold items to adorn the shelves.

Antique dresser

Painted vintage dresser by Raggedy Bits
Farmhouse Sideboard by Sam, Raggedy Bits

Now how about getting your hands on a bargain antique dresser? Some dressers on the used furniture market need some extra love and care. You can take something old and beaten, make repairs, and give it new life with a fresh coat of paint.

And rather than paint the entire dresser, you may paint only the trim and faces of the drawers with Heirloom, then paint the rest with a more neutral color like Fusion Mineral Paint Champness.

Coffee table

Coffee table painted by The Mended Fence
Coffee table by The Mended Fence

Again, you can do something special with your furniture. Like this coffee table — paint the top with Fusion Mineral Paint Heirloom. And use a more subdued color for the legs! Adds a bit of pizzazz to your furniture, right?!

Color palettes using Heirloom

To say that Heirloom is refreshingly vintage is an understatement. It’s like a fresh drink of water. If you pair it with the right colors, it only gets better. Are you ready to see how Heirloom can shine with the right counterparts? We have some color palettes you may like.

Classic warmth

This palette denotes warmth, old world charm, and studiousness. It’s elegant but relies on warm browns and greens. Toss in some dark blues and you have some variety in the mix.

Vintage furniture and painted window stills

Elegance that soothes

You can take that elegant studious look up a notch. Heirloom can totally rock the gold as can be seen here. And who doesn’t like some classy gold? Gold doesn’t have to be gaudy if you balance it with the right colors. Here you can see a rich plum and dark blue adding just enough grandeur to complement the gold and Heirloom blue.

Antique pocket watch

Modern blues

No, we’re not talking about sadness. We’re talking about bringing in more than one blue. In this case, we can say the more the merrier! The ranges of blue here could contribute to a minimalist and modern vibe if that’s your style. Don’t let the words “old world” and “vintage” scare you away from Heirloom. Besides, we’ve all heard the saying, “there’s nothing new under the sun.”

Blue and black roof

Own that blue

Find what you like and run with it. See where it goes. Your home, your furniture — it’s your very own canvas! Whether it’s Fusion Mineral Paint Heirloom or other paints, we hope you find what you like.