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Say hello to Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb. You’ll find it in the Fusion Mineral Tones for Tots line. It’s another winsome paint color from our favorite paint company.

Featured image for "Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb_ Classic Gray For Little Ones" blog post

As the name implies, this is a fantastic classic gray for the little ones in your life. There’s no need to shy away from gray as it doesn’t have to equate to drab.

Need to see it to believe it? No worries! We have proof for the doubting! Follow along and you’ll be glad to see where we’re going with this gray.

Gray’s our favorite color today and you’ll see why.

Dream a little gray with me

When we think of gray skies, we often think of needing to bring in the sunshine. We think of needing to find that silver lining, right?

No wonder the thought of gray puts many people off. But it doesn’t always have to denote gloom. Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb brings a bit of a classy wooly warmth into the room. Contrast it with whites or pops of colors and natural textures. It’s a win.

Boasting zero VOC (volatile organic compound) and being non-toxic, the Tones for Tots line is perfect and safe for your little one’s nursery. Each paint in this line was bestowed a name inspired by a nursery rhyme.

Environmentally friendly and health friendly paints are a big selling point for Fusion Mineral. With Tones for Tots, they’ve gone the extra mile in providing you with nursery and baby friendly colors.

Different ways to use Little Lamb

Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb brings warmth and dignity to gray in a way that cozies up the room for your tot. In the following section, we’ll guide you through some inspiration ideas. There are many different ways you can put Little Lamb to use in your child’s nursery.

We hope you enjoy these examples as much as we enjoyed finding them for you.

Tiny chair

Wooden chair painted in grey by Claire's Crafthouse
Little Lamb Fusion Mineral Paint Wooden Chair by Claire’s Crafthouse

Sometimes you can find old and worn tiny wooden chairs at flea markets or yard sales. While they might be dinged up and battered, you may breathe some new life into it with a fresh coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb.

Growth board for your growing little one

Growth board for kids painted in grey by Creating Rustic Charm
Growth Board for a Little Lamb by Elizabeth @ Creating Rustic Charm

Here’s a fun idea for your little one. Make your very own growth board to keep a running tab on how your child is growing. It’ll be a darling keepsake to look back on and it’s a fun visual for the child as he or she goes from tiny tot to big kid.

Dresser for baby

Dresser painted in grey by This Mamas Dance
Dresser Makeover by Ashlea, This Mamas Dance

It’s no lie. This classic gray contrasts quite well with bronze or gold handles. Whip out that battered dresser and give it a complete makeover with this paint. Baby’s nursery room will look classy and sleek with this bit of furniture effort. Don’t be shy about trying this paint on night stands or cribs.

Color palettes using Little Lamb

Below you’ll see what colors pair well with Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb. We trust these palettes will provide you with some design inspiration for your next project!

Dream big, little one — the world is an adventure

In Little Lamb, you are sure able to create an unforgettable and cozy adventure for baby to dream in. Bring in a warm safari experience with subdued greys, blues, cream, and greens. It’s not glitzy, but rather a classy old-timey nod to the outdoor African plains.

three elephants walking on the plains

Rich decadence

For a more feminine approach to your little one’s room, bring in some subdued pinks with Little Lamb and neutrals like Fusion Mineral Paint Raw Silk. This can give you a classic princess flavor for the girly tot in your life. We have visions of a circus motif with this one — or even a ballerina motif.

This pink is subtle, welcoming and cozy.

headphones, keyboard, journal, and mouse on a pink desk

Elegant and warm

For a more rustic vintage approach, bring in some aged and faded wood and paint textures to the room and project. With Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb, you can bring in various shades of gray and neutral color.

It’s not a bad idea for that old world vibe you may wish to carry throughout your home, including baby’s room.

Looking up at different levels of a concrete structure

Timeless baby dreams

When we look at Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb, we see a gray that is rampant with possibilities. Your little one’s room will find a good sense of home and hearth with this hue of gray.

Enjoy the possibilities and never fear the gray. With the right palette, gray can color your world with class.