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There are thousands of colors at your fingertips just waiting for a place in your latest DIY project, but midnight blue might be one of the best yet. Why such high praise? Here are a few reasons why Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue is a color you’ll immediately love.

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A versatile color

This dark blue color will match with just about any other color, meaning that you won’t have to worry about Midnight Blue clashing with most of the other colors in your home.  It also has a wonderful selection of colors that you can use with it (more on that later.) Best of all, Midnight Blue is naturally tasteful and will immediately give a piece of furniture or a DIY craft a refined appearance.

Ways to use Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons that you’ll fall in love with Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue, but we’d also like to give you a look at some of the ways that you can (and definitely should) use this color.

Give your dining room chairs a makeover

Dining chairs painted in Midnight Blue
Dining chairs by Melanie via Lost & Found

Midnight Blue is casual enough for the dining room but also adds an air of elegance to its surroundings, making it a perfect choice for your dining room chairs. If you’re planning to paint your chairs, keep in mind that you’ll probably wish to reupholster them as well, since the old upholstery may not match with a new color. As you’ll see in the picture, this chair’s upholstery contains white and light blue, both excellent additions to Midnight Blue.

You don’t have to go overboard with the new color

Refurbished dressers painted in Midnight Blue
Beautiful “Navy” Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue Drawers by Fiona via Lilyfield Life

What if you’re not completely on board with this new color? That’s okay too! If you’re looking to paint a dresser or desk this color, simply leave the drawers in their original state while coating the rest of the piece with midnight blue. As you can see in this picture, it’ll still look amazing!

Feeling up for something different?

Repainted dish cabinet with Midnight Blue and gold
Dish cabinet by Azelie Pilon, Nuances, licensed via La Piece

Maybe the normal designs you’ve been reusing year after year just aren’t making the cut this time. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new and different! This design might catch you a little off guard every time, but in a good way – it’ll never get old. Much like the dresser/desk idea, you’ll paint most of your dish cabinet Midnight Blue, but part of it will remain a different color. This time, the part that’ll be differently colored is completely up to you, so be creative!

What colors match well with midnight blue?

Now that you’ve got an idea of this color, let’s take a look at some colors you’ll enjoy using along with it. Some will make you say “Whoa!” while others will stay closer to the “safe side.”

Neutral color selections

Like most colors, midnight blue will match with several neutral color tones.

An overflowing bowl of fresh blueberries


To offset the dark, moody tone of midnight blue, include some white in your color scheme. This will give some life to your project and ensure that the furniture or other craft isn’t too dark for your ideal look.

Light brown

Perhaps white is a little too bright for your preferred color arrangement. In that case, you can definitely offset a midnight blue piece with some light brown highlights. For example, you could use light brown knobs on your midnight blue dresser drawers, or paint the drawer in your favorite midnight blue desk a light shade of brown.

A pop of color and a dark contrast

If neutral colors are a little too neutral for the design you have in mind, you should check out some colors that provide a bit more of a dramatic contrast.

Chocolate truffles with fresh raspberries against Midnight Blue color background

Raspberry red

Give your midnight blue projects a snap of color with a touch of bright but muted raspberry red here and there. If your dark blue furniture or crafts seem to give your room too much of a dark or closed-in feel, a hint of red can bring some light and cheer back into the atmosphere.

Dark brown

Considering that some of your other furniture may already be dark brown (possibly dark wood) this combination will most likely occur naturally, which is great because of the inherent tendencies of these two colors to match well with one another.

Color combinations that are a little less typical

Feeling up for some unique color combinations? Here are a few that you may not have thought of.

Contrasting colors of an orange boat against a blue icy background

Bright orange

This color combination will be stunning in more than one sense of the word – it’s not the most typical combination, which gives it a unique feel – and orange on blue is also going to be stunningly gorgeous.

A lighter shade of blue

It may not be your first thought, but lighter shades of blue will actually go well with Midnight Blue. Be careful with the shade of blue you choose, however – certain shades of blue will clash with a darker blue tone.

Create an unforgettable style with this color

Make your furniture and DIY projects something to remember with a Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue makeover! If you can’t get enough of this color indoors, then take it outdoors and update your outdoor furniture as well. You’ll love seeing what this color will do for your home design and decor!