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Who says gray is for dreary days? We’d like to introduce you to this warm gray brought to you by Fusion Mineral Paint. It’s called Pebble, and for good reason — the shade may bring you back to the pebbles and stones lining the shore of your favorite river.

It’s far from being a drab gray with its warm tones and attractive hue. Whether you’re looking to paint a vase for an accent against a colorful desk or making the entire desk gray, Fusion Mineral Paint Pebble won’t leave you in the despair.

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It’s a gray that’s sure to please. So be bold, be adventurous. Embrace the gray without fear of losing yourself.

Grace and style

For DIY furniture and decor paint, Fusion Mineral has your back. And when it comes to painting — believe me, you want a brand you can count on. We think the Fusion Mineral line is a dream because of its easy and self-leveling application. Not only that, but we should also emphasize that quality and style is not sacrificed for ease.

Looking at any project that uses Fusion, you’ll find a style that is graceful and timeless.

With Fusion Mineral, you can have your cake and eat it too! (And we’re all about good paint and cake here. Separately, of course!)

Different ways to use Pebble

Fusion Mineral Paint Pebble doesn’t disappoint. Big or small, the project you’re looking to give some life to would benefit from this color.

If you’re still hesitant about using gray paint, you’re sure to see our case is made in the following project ideas. So kick back and enjoy the inspiration coming your way!

Upholstered chair

An upholstered wooden chair
Upholstered chair by The Mended Fence

Do you have a well-loved treasured chair that’s seen much use of the years? Maybe it’s a flea market bargain in need of a little tender love and care. Regardless of the wear endured by that chair has seen, you can take that chair from drab to fab in no time at all!

Say hello to Fusion Mineral Paint Pebble. In Pebble, you’ll find a color that brings a bit of gentle whimsy to any piece of furniture.  Looks nice, right?


Chalkboard DIY project
Chalkboard by Black River Vintage

But Pebble isn’t just for furniture. Try Pebble on a chalkboard frame. It contrasts nicely against the dark board.

For that matter, you can spruce up any frame with a bit of Pebble!

Bedside tables

Two bedside tables painted in soft gray
Bedside tables by Walnut Lane Refinished Furniture

Now let’s talk about those boring bedside tables. It’s time we give them a little facelift. Pebble will give them an airy look with its soft hue. The perfect canvas for a colorful lamp and stack of books.

Color palettes using Pebble

In Pebble, you’ll find a wide variety of uses. Want to bring in a modern splash of color? Pebble has your back. Going for a more simplistic or more timeless approach? Pebble can deliver.

Here are a few ideas for color palette combinations with Pebble.

Delicate woodland vibes

Have you considered bringing in different hues of color into your style? We think green, especially in its various shades would fit quite well with Pebble. Toss in some purplish blues and some browns. You’ve got yourself a nice palette with a bit of a woodland vibe.

Succulent plants of shades of green and purple

A taste of the sea

To bring in some blues alongside Pebble is to taste the sea. Fusion’s Champness and Midnight Blue may fit your sea-faring vibe.

A dolphin swimming in the ocean

Even if you don’t live by the sea, you can bring the sea indoors with the right paint and decor!

Pops of color for the win

Splashes of color contrast quite well against Pebble. Don’t you think? For those who have a penchant for pop art, this could be just the paint to make a statement. You can paint your furniture with Pebble and add accents in the form of artwork, dishware, and more.

Discolored red phone booth with a black colored telephone

Delicate but versatile

For those who are constantly experimenting and changing up their style, Pebble will deliver. Eclectic? Great. Modern? Minimalist? Check, check. Traditional? That too.

With Fusion Mineral Paint Pebble, the possibilities are endless.