My name is Sarah. I live in Michigan and have three little kiddos all under the age of 7. For the past couple years I have been a middle school teacher at a small private school in our area. Before that, I was a full time SAHM (Stay at home mama). In 2014 we moved into a new house and I had started shopping at all these new vintage, repurpose, and antique stores that were popping up all over. There was so much I wanted for the house- and so much creativity going on at these shops, but at that time I could never afford the stuff I wanted. Well, at least the big stuff… dressers and large pieces. Now, I have always loved garage sale-ing – so I thought that maybe I would find a cheap piece and see what I could do with it. It was an old leather upholstered wooden chair that was falling apart. It cost me $10. I brought it home, picked up a $5 sample of paint at my local hardware store and started painting…

How did I get into painting furniture?

Don’t you love that color? It’s still one of my favorites!!! (Don’t ask me what this one is called… this is back when I threw the paint can away when I was done with it!)

Next, I spent an evening watching YouTube videos teaching myself how to upholster a simple chair pad. (Did I mention I failed Home Ec in middle school? Because I did) So, needless to say I thought this project would end up on the side of the road… BUT … I did it!

Here was my finished project!!! (and FIRST project I ever did!)

How did I get into painting furniture?

A couple more garage sale and Goodwill trips and I had more projects under my belt, and then I created a Facebook page, because I started having people ask me to redo furniture for them and wanted to start making some extra side money by selling my pieces that I didn’t have room for. With that came the name… Redeemed Decor.

Simple as it sounds. I REDEEM DECOR. Pieces in the trash, on the side of the road, at thrift shops, pieces I already owned.. everything was getting a new makeover! Going on year 3 now and I am still loving it! Now it’s turned from an experimental piece on my back patio to a small business out of my garage.

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