You love to craft, but hate the mess it makes.

your craft area is a mixture of odds and ends from your previous completed [and incomplete] projects.

Leaving the house, to purchase the other items you need to complete the craft just sounds like




Once you finally have all your supplies- the itch to be creative is gone, and you promise you'll
"finish it tomorrow."

But tomorrow never really comes...

Just Craft It.™

For Only

$ 44
Per Month

What's Included?

August's Box includes:

15" 3D Wood Pumpkin cutout


15" Pumpkin Place Sign


including Ribbon and Raffia

Three Paints for the Season

Paint Brush & Sponge

& room to add your originality to every piece!

But Wait, there's More!

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Just Craft It!
August Box

All the Fun. Half the Work.

As a creative, the hardest part of crafting is getting all the pieces together, coming up with a design, and organizing your thoughts long enough to make your vision a reality. Now, we do the heavy lifting for you; you Just Craft It™ 


When Do I Get My Box?

New Boxes launch the 1st of every month, and ship out by the 10th of every month!

When do I pay?

Your subscription will bill to your preferred payment method on the 1st of every month.

Can I cancel Anytime?

We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we’re happy to help you get your subscription canceled. Email us at to cancel. You must request cancellation by the 20th of the month to have your box canceled for the following month and allow us to stop your billing. Once you are billed, you cannot cancel for that month. Please note, that even after you cancel your account, you will still receive any boxes that you have already paid for. Boxes are billed on the 16th of each month.

How much is a box?

Our Just Craft It™ boxes are only $44.95 per month, with