I can’t tell you how many times I see these old wooden piano benches at garage sales or thrift stores, you may even have them in your garage sitting in a corner collecting dust. I did! So I decided to make it practical…

I started by taking off the top by simply taking a screwdriver and removing all the screws and hinges. *You could use the top as a cool sign or hanger somewhere, just an idea*

After I removed the top, I sanded it down with 220 grit sandpaper and cleaned it with Fusion TSP Alternative (no rinse, organic cleaner).  I then painted the inside and outside of the bench in Fusion Mineral Paint’s light Greige color, Putty.   

I applied 2 coats, giving it a rich thick color. Then I drilled several holes in the base of it. *Can you guess where this is going yet?

Now that the piano bench was finished (yes, that’s it for the bench!) I started working on what I had planned to put in it. PLANTS OF COURSE!!! I picked up several .67 cent Terra Cotta pots at Home Depot.

They were a little too boring for me, so I dated them with a classic French Country inspired look using my FAVORITE WAX by Fusion Mineral Paint.. LIMING WAX!! It’s seriously my favorite. A great wax to age pots, soften oak on furniture, and the list goes on! Look how it transformed my pots!

While I was in Home Depot, I grabbed about 8-10 small green plants. All ranging from $3-4. As I loaded them into my cart, I prayed I could keep them alive ALL Summer long.. can I get an AMEN?!

Then, the FUN part! Filling my terra cotta pots with them and loading them on my piano bench. That is now looking so much nicer than when I started. Finally, as a last step, I used my Cricut Maker (*aff link to get the best price and fastest shipping from Amazon*) You could also use stencils, stickers, or anything else you have on hand!

What do you think??? I’m pretty happy with how she turned out and that she’s no longer collecting dust in my garage or ended up in a landfill.



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